Digitalization of construction management and administration

With its practical functionalities, yet simple user environment this app is an unique tool that will ease the work during construction process and increase productivity. Say no more to countless walks with countless contractors, and say hello to early completions on all your projects.

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bsgapp bsgapp


Documentation management

Easy way of documentation management in 2D environment

Full access of all documentation, site plans, Certificates, client and contractor statements all in one place.

All new updates and revisions can be instantly uploaded to the app for all contractors to access.

bsgapp bsgapp
bsgapp bsgapp

Quality management

Quality controll defects with one tap

Assign work to subcontractor immediately

Set due date

Check the status on all issues


Simple digitalization of construction process.

  • documentation access
  • quality management
  • site dairy
  • meeting minutes
  • site anouncements
  • instant communication between all contractors
  • reporting
  • time schedule management
bsgapp bsgapp


Account type Up to 100 K EUR Up to 1 Mil EUR Over 1 Mil EUR
Investor a Inspector 15 EUR /Month / 1 eqi 65 EUR /Month / 1 eqi 150 EUR / Month / 1 eqi
General contractor 15 EUR /Month / 1 eqi 65 EUR /Month / 1 eqi 150 EUR / Month / 1 eqi
Subcontractor 0 EUR /Month / 1 eqi 15 EUR /Month / 5 eqi 15 EUR / Month / 10 eqi

The company



Good product

within bsgapp we are delivering you what you need and just what you need; we do not bother you with endless possibilities and useless procedures; bsgapp is a heavy duty working tool reinforced by practicality


Nice design

we are confident that digital tool used daily by thousands of professionals along the world during extremely difficult and responsible work needs to be simple, practical and attractive


Handy service

to ensure satisfaction of our clients and to respond on the changing needs and priorities during construction erection, we will set up a client zone running non-stop.


bsgapp, s.r.o

We are very thankful for any of your suggestion for improvement of our product. It is your proposals that helps us to stay number one product on the market.

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